Wednesday, April 28

Yes, Honey...I am washing your socks at this very moment...

While I finally get some writing done! (My guy definitely knows how to do his own laundry but it is something I primarily do because of being a control freak about which of my clothes go into the dryer - it is better to just do it yourself than risk teensy clothes.)

An overdue BIG thank you to all who visited our Spring Fever Open House this past weekend! We're glad you enjoyed yourselves and found some new treasures. Fun to chat with others who like old stuff. Thanks, Ann, from Nestting, for being open and sharing your wealth of experience and knowledge to us relative newbies.

Truthfully, the time it takes to find and revive things, then put together a show can wear you out (not to mention leaving a mountain of dirty clothes when your time must go to other things). But the sweet compliments and enthusiasm for our home, attic, and collection is a big reward that helps us push on to do something even better next time! We were brimming with enthusiasm and spent most of an evening bouncing around design ideas for the next big show.

We had many questions about when Angel's Attic will be open again. We haven't set another date to hold an "official" open house but have decided to specially open the Attic this Saturday, May 1 from noon to 3:00. Thank you for calling and asking! (Its kinda like a secret sale for our blog readers.) See you Saturday? If you need directions, click here.

Sunday, April 18

Its a week before Show Day and all through the house... aka Spring Fever Open House Preview #4

Its Sunday morning. My eyes are all blurry. My muscles are sore. My hands are painty. There's dirt under my fingernails. Fellow vintage vendors, you know what I'm talking about! IT'S ALMOST SHOW TIME! Kristen, Jon, and I have been up in Angel's Attic until 11:30 PM the past two nights setting up for the Angel's Attic Spring Fever Open House next Saturday (for the record, if you want to drive someone crazy, when it is almost midnight start singing a song from "Bambi" over and over until it sticks in their head and they start singing it, too).
Sometimes the hardest part is figuring out the "themes" and getting the main furniture pieces set up. Kristen loves to buy the biggest, heaviest pieces on the face of the earth - at least it seems that way when I'm moving them. But we're excited about how things are coming along - it's like a big puzzle bringing everything together. We thought we would share a few peeks with you before we head back up to the attic. (I'd love to show you a picture of Kristen on Friday night sitting in a chair in the middle of the driveway taking a short break to chomp down some Costco rotissiere chicken but she threatened my life.)

There will be lots of outdoor display to tackle next! So bring your energy and excitement with you (as well as your truck) and come have fun with us next weekend! Click on the ad at the top of the right hand column for details on when and where.

Sunday, April 11

Funky, Junky, Fun!

We had a great time at the Funky Junk Antique Show this weekend! Hollie and Jennifer were very gracious and attentive hosts who made the experience better for everyone. Thanks to everyone who came out - it was a great crowd!  Everyone seemed to have fun shopping and chatting. It was nice to connect with customers and other vendors who share a passion for old things, re-purposed things, pretty things, goofy things.
Here are a few things you would have seen in our space:

We especially enjoyed hearing from several people that have visited our blog. If you were at the Funky Junk show, please leave a comment to let us know what you thought. If you would like to be added to our contact list to receive emails about events that we will be doing, click here.

Tuesday, April 6

Spring Fever Open House Preview #3

Here we have a few of the vintage linens from the Trunk that you'll see at the Open House on April 24.

Monday, April 5

Spring Fever Open House Preview #2

Know what time it is? Time to mark your calendar for the Angel's Attic Spring Fever sale on April 24th!

Friday, April 2

Spring Fever Open House Preview #1

We want to show you a few sneak peeks from our Angel's Attic sale on Saturday, April 24th. We are getting excited and hope that once you see a few hints of what we have, then you will be too. Keep coming back, as we will be posting lots more pics!

This is a true one of a kind. For more information about the sale, including when and where, please click here!