Wednesday, April 28

Yes, Honey...I am washing your socks at this very moment...

While I finally get some writing done! (My guy definitely knows how to do his own laundry but it is something I primarily do because of being a control freak about which of my clothes go into the dryer - it is better to just do it yourself than risk teensy clothes.)

An overdue BIG thank you to all who visited our Spring Fever Open House this past weekend! We're glad you enjoyed yourselves and found some new treasures. Fun to chat with others who like old stuff. Thanks, Ann, from Nestting, for being open and sharing your wealth of experience and knowledge to us relative newbies.

Truthfully, the time it takes to find and revive things, then put together a show can wear you out (not to mention leaving a mountain of dirty clothes when your time must go to other things). But the sweet compliments and enthusiasm for our home, attic, and collection is a big reward that helps us push on to do something even better next time! We were brimming with enthusiasm and spent most of an evening bouncing around design ideas for the next big show.

We had many questions about when Angel's Attic will be open again. We haven't set another date to hold an "official" open house but have decided to specially open the Attic this Saturday, May 1 from noon to 3:00. Thank you for calling and asking! (Its kinda like a secret sale for our blog readers.) See you Saturday? If you need directions, click here.


Blair said...

Yay! I'm really hoping I'll be able to make it, though I'm moving out of my dorm that day and who knows how long that will take ;)

(Also, this Saturday is actually May 1st! It can be your special May Day sale?)


Angel's Attic said...

Thanks for heads up on the date, Blair. Hope you can make it!