Tuesday, April 26

You Can Never Have Too Much Cute!

Our littlest granddaughter, Summer Dobson...modeling her new swimwear and waiting for summer to get here!

Wednesday, April 13

A Bittersweet Goodbye to Little Chair

It is ridiculous. To be sad to sell a chair. Sniff. I was surprised to be emotional about letting it go.
Little Chair found a new owner at the Funky Junk Antique Show last weekend.

After pouring a lot of creative energy into this comfy chair, I was tempted to keep it.
But a sweet young lady fell in love with Little Chair and it was fun to see how excited she was to make it her own!

I'm about halfway done with another chair - sneak peek.

Monday, April 11

Wanna know?

Wanna know what makes a good antique show? Like the Funky Junk Antique Show of last weekend...
Friendly, caring hosts - like Hollie and Jennifer and Nathan.
Who load up a vintage wheelbarrow with little tin Easter buckets filled with candy for each vendor and drive through the grange hall, announcing brightly "Happy Funky Sunday!" just before opening time.
Who care enough to provide a special gluten-free goodie for Jon each day of the show.
Who check in regularly "how are you doing" "we're glad you are here" "do you need anything?"
Who have selected a great lineup of creative vendors with amazing stuff.
Who always have a smile on their faces!!

If you weren't able to make it to the April show, don't miss Funky Junk Sandpoint on Labor Day Weekend!


Saturday, April 2

LIttle Chair, All Grown Up

Little Chair, Little Chair, what do you think? Do you feel lighter than air, fresh as a daisy, spic 'n span?

I really feel good that this project is done! (See previous posting for "before" photos.) Sometimes our projects develop an unfinished life of their own so it can be an accomplishment to finish a big one. Little chair might not seem like a big project but it was scary since I was borrowing a (new to me) paint treatment shared by Miss Mustard Seed and having a first go at reupholstery. And this was a gut job - stripped right down to the frame, where there are actually now four different hues of paint. This takes time, but really adds character to the wood.

Little Chair is going with us and will be up for sale at the Funky Junk Antique Show next Saturday and Sunday, April 9-10. Come say Hi!

I added a chocolate velvet damask fabric to the back.

And now I'm excited to work on two or three other awesome chairs that have been patiently waiting their turn. They'll have to roll the dice to see who gets the new, amazing fabric I found online for one of them...