Tuesday, August 24

Pure Pleasure

No, we didn't mix business with pleasure. Last weekend was all pleasure!
We combined a camping adventure on Flathead Lake, Montana with a morning shopping the Vintage Whites Market in Somers (just south of Kalispell.) Great stuff!

Jon was skeptical that we could get all thirteen fabulous finds into the car and still fit Gabby and Lily as well as all the camping gear. Ha! No problem for a determined woman.
Thanks, Vintage Whites for a fun morning!

The girls have been part of our vintage shows and shopping for quite a while and it is cute to see them developing interest in old things. Gabby, who is 9, actually watches out for antique store and museums.

An awesome antique store in Somers.

Just seeing this old "Rocket Tricycle" got Jon to imagining how different his life would be now if only he'd owned this trike as a child. (Astronaut? Rocket Scientist? Funky Trike Builder?)

And check out an opportunity to own this fixer upper? Glamping anyone?

Lily taking a breather at "The Barn" antique store in Bigfork, Montana.

On our way home Gabby found this crazy museum in Polson! Who could resist going inside a museum with a flying saucer on the roof?

 The girls checking out a tin monster outside the museum.

Hmmm...I'm not feeling the "Rattlesnake Beauty." Just plain freaky.

A cool Bickensderfer typewriter from 1897. Just try to find the home row on that keyboard!

Fun to explain the charms of an old fashioned soda fountain to the girls.

A favorite! An old Huey helicopter complete with all the switches, gauges, and dials - to delight two girls and their grandpa.

Halfway home - take time to explore new places - like this store in Perma, Montana. No treasures inside but a cute exterior and a chat with the quirky owner.

We created a lot of memories on this short three day trip. One as simple as a chocolate pudding-stained little face.