Monday, July 12

Another fun show - as a shopper this time!

On Sunday, we risked exposing our sunburns to the 86+ degree heat (see previous post) to visit the Latah Creek Variety Market, as shoppers rather than vendors this time. After completing the Vintage Barn show on Saturday, it was refreshing just to wander aimlessly around digging through other people's treasures. It was especially sweet knowing we wouldn't have to pack up and haul any of it at the end of the day! Here are a few pictures that we took. It is a little embarrassing that we have more and better pictures of this show than of the one we were vendors at, but when we are working a show we seldom have the free time to do the things we would love to do, like taking pictures - and shopping.

The Latah show is hosted by the Latah Partners, along with Chaps/Cake, which is sufficient excuse to attend the show in itself.

We want to especially thank the exceptionally nice ladies at Sisters, who gave precious little straw hats to our granddaughters to shield them from the heat.

Sunday, July 11

Sweet Summer Event

Vintage Barn 2010 was fun, warm, sunny - THANK YOU to our friends and followers who stopped by.
This was Angel's Attic's first outdoor show so we experimented and learned a lot of lessons.  (Like should have brought a huge drink cooler full of ice water and wear more sun screen!) All of us are sporting some serious sunburn today.

We wish we could have taken some more pictures of the other great booths at the show, but we couldn't get a minute free. Even this photo of a portion of our own booth wasn't taken until near the end of the day when many of our larger pieces were already gone.

Angel's Attic is now taking a little summer vacation! But we hope to see you at our next Autumn Open House here on our property on Spokane's Mountain View Lane -- please reserve Saturday, September 25 from 9 am to 4 pm. We'll have more info and some previews posted as soon as we can.

Our granddaughter, Summer, helping Gramma with customer service.
Love this bed by Chateau Chic Antiques

Wednesday, July 7

Come out and Play at Vintage Barn!

We're looking forward to a great Vintage Barn show this Saturday, July 10! Please come out to Rathdrum, ID for this fun, outdoor extravanza and enjoy warm sunshine, friends, music, yummy food and drink, and lots of awesome antiques and vintage finds.
Angel's Attic is bursting with new things. A couple peeks...

Our Vintage Barn hostess, Rolane...