Sunday, November 27

Holiday decorating - off the grid!

This summer I tired of the traditional red door on my white/black shuttered Cape Cod house. I was looking for something out of the ordinary, with some pop and flare, "off the grid."

The front door of my house is now a bright citrus green as is the wooden bench under the white pergola on the side of our property.

So instead of my usual holiday decorating with traditional wreaths in each window, I decided to simplify and modernize. On a recent visit to North Carolina, Kristen and I stocked up on ribbon at Carolina Pottery and I brought home some wide mesh plaid ribbon and some fun flocked polka dot stuff to give my traditional wreath a makeover.

I used these same materials to punch up a couple of hanging baskets. These are always full of flowers during the summer, but adding some evergreens, a candle with a glass hurricane, and some ribbon gives them a cute look for the winter months.

This one hangs by my patio.

The one hanging in the pergola. 

The process, if you are interested... 

I put them together indoors this year. No more frozen fingers!

A simple way to save twenty bucks on a polka dot candle (only try this if you won't see the candle close up.)

Sunday, November 6

Vintage Treasures #2

Here are a few more pictures (see our previous post) from the show we did yesterday. These are some pictures from other vendors. Seeing what other people have created and how they display it is always one of the most fun parts of a show.
We didn't get everybody's names, so if you see your items here, please let us know and we will mention you specifically.

I wish I'd gotten a shot of the inside of this armoire! Adorable little curvy shelves.
Perfect for my little granddaughter, Summer, in her vintage Frenchie bedroom.

This ruffly lamp shade was one of my favorites and I was tempted to make it my own.

I'm giving away my age here, but when I was a child we had little candles like these at each place setting and we lighted them during our family holiday dinners.

Vintage Treasures

Here area a few pics from our space at the Vintage Treasures Market from Saturday. Hard to get good photos in that bright overhead light - our apologies.
In just a bit we should be posting some others pictures featuring a few items that caught our eye.


Wednesday, November 2

As Promised...

Here is what we call our "Chateau Trimoulet" cabinet.
Originally a Victrola cabinet, it was pretty sad when we rescued it. My talented husband hand painted the cabinet top on a Sunday afternoon with his other eye watching a Seahawks football game. Just think what he could do with both eyes!
I can see storing fine French wine (or a local and affordable Riesling)
and beautiful crystal glasses in it.
We will feature this at the Vintage Finds sale on Saturday.

This was a new type of project for us -please tell us what you think!