Monday, November 30

Pretty Pocket Pies

Since apple pies are my favorite, I bought this little pocket pie "machine" at Williams Sonoma, just for fun.
There is a recipe on the box, but just mix up a batch of your favorite pie crust, peel and slice some apples, add sugar, flour, cinnamon, nutmeg, and a pat of butter. (On our farm we had several huge Macintosh apple trees that provided many zillion quarts of applesauce, apple cider, and pies. I still search out Macs for my pies and sauce.)
It was easy - use the pie machine like a cookie cutter on the pie dough, then pop it in the machine, add apples (you can also use canned pie filling if in a hurry), add the top crust, crimp the edges closed and bake. 
Fun! My double 9-inch pie crust recipe made 6 pocket pies. I think I will roll the dough out a little thinner next time so they are more flaky and delicate. Nonetheless, they were eaten in a flash!
- Linda

Monday, November 9

Another Great Weekend

      Kim, Kristen, Jon, Linda, and Jessica thank each of you who visited Angel’s Attic at Saturday’s Vintage Finds & Handmade Treasures Market in Nine Mile Falls. We enjoy meeting and getting acquainted with our customers and other vendors. Your positive comments are so encouraging and help ease the hard work of doing a show!
      Thanks to show organizer Jennifer Walker of Unexpected Necessities for keeping everything running smoothly and the cupcakes and other goodies during set up.
      The show had a lot of different vendors showcasing everything from vintage furniture to clothing made from vintage fabrics to handmade jewelry. Another great feature was the used book sale. If you like to buy books at a bargain, this was the place to go. Jessica and Kristen alone brought home four bags between them! Be sure to check it out next year.
Here we are (Jessica, Linda, Kristen and Angel) in our booth before the show.
      Angel's Attic is now hard at work planning our Spring Open House and we promise new items which are bright, light and colorful. The search for treasures continues. Please check back with us to see what we find!

Thursday, November 5

An Angel Among Us

How did an angel come to live in our attic? A year ago, my husband and I were helping set up Sophia's Christmas display at a retail establishment when I spotted Angel in another part of the store. Lit prettily by candlelight, she hung suspended above a mantel decked out for the holiday. A very unique piece. But sadly, I left her there – we all struggle with temptations to bring things home, don't we? Later, my husband secretly returned to the store and purchased her as my Christmas gift. He even managed to hide this rather large angel (she is about 4 feet long!) in the house for several weeks until revealing the surprise on Christmas Eve. Angel became the inspiration for our business name and anchored last summer's Farm Chicks Antique Show display before taking center stage in Angel's Attic. Many have wished to buy her and take her home but this gift from my thoughtful husband is staying put!

Tuesday, November 3

Project #752 and Counting...

Outside a local antique store I found this great project chair for only $16! I’ve never redone the upholstery on a chair but would like to learn a new skill. I love the details on this chair but am a bit undecided on the new finish. Wondering about a style I spotted in a magazine with a light, creamy antiquing glaze over a darker base color. It gives the wood a wonderful old European look. The fabric is an easy decision – a light linen look with a script design.

This is a chair that probably won’t make it into an Attic sale. One must indulge once in a while! I just hope I complete the project before the house is redecorated (again).

If you have any helpful advice on reupholstering, I'd love to hear from you!

Scanning for Life Forms...

I just had to show you how cute our granddaughters were on Halloween. Jillian is on the left in the costume (uniform?) that our daughter Jessica made. Maybe you have to have been a Star Trek fan to fully appreciate it, but I thought it was totally irresistible. Jess made it as authentic as possible, not only making a Next Generation era commanders uniform - notice the three pips on the collar - but she also made a mini tricorder out of felt to go with it. You should see the tote bags she makes for us! Next to her is Lily wearing a classic pumpkin costume that her mother wore when she was about the same age (3), Summer dressed as a "flower child" and Gabby looking scary with her glow-in-the-dark fangs and the glittering red cape Linda made for her.


Monday, November 2

Foof? What foof?

Knowing we are always looking for furniture to rehab, our son in law, Andy, offered us his old nightstand which he'd used all throughout his childhood. Originally a brown wood stain, it had seen better days with its surface scarred, water stained and well used. Despite this, it was easy to recognize its good "bones" and interesting details, so we accepted it and gave it an "extreme makeover". I thought someone might enjoy a fun, Frenchy look on this table. It could now take a respectful place in a bedroom or any room of the house.

Oh yes, Andy is a modern, no frills or foof kind of guy... do you think he'd like it back?