Monday, December 26

What Design Shows Don't Show You...

My house was in a 70's  time warp when I moved in ten years ago and has undergone many changes.

I'm all too familiar with the nasty job of removing multiple layers of wallpaper - the soaking, the scraping, the mess, the patching... Having a little "vintage" in my style does not mean brown wallpaper in the dining room that features covered wagons pulled by oxen.

All the wallpaper is gone, but we are now learning a new skill. Removing a glued-and-screwed particle board subfloor. However, I'm not sure if many hours - make that DAYS - of painstaking chiseling, scraping, sweeping (all on your knees) qualifies as a "skill."

After putting off this last major project for many months, Jon and I are deep into renovating our main floor bathroom - and doing the work ourselves.

So that our new heated marble tile floor isn't two inches higher than the other floors in the house, the subfloor must go. (Also, tile cannot be installed over particle board.) The two layers of vinyl flooring were a cinch. But the particle board does not come off without a battle.

Hmmm, I don't think I've ever seen this demonstrated on HGTV...have you?
Back to work; I'm keeping my eye on the beautiful bathroom prize ahead.

Caution! These are not glamour shots.