Saturday, March 27

The Potting Cottage

During the record snowfall of last year, our ratty old metal yard shed collapsed under the load.
Looking back, I say hooray! The shed was vintage 1960's, rusty, and UGLY. We kept it around as the only place to store the lawn mower. Trust me, vintage was not a good thing in this case.
Jon and I had been talking about building a new shed for a couple of years. We plan everything to absolute death! But now we ran out of procrastinating time since this mess was now in plain view from the street.

So after several weeks of hard work, my husband finished this cute building that we lovingly call the Potting Cottage (say it with a Cockney accent for good measure). He even hand-built a cupola to match the one on our house, figured out how to build the window trellis (without a plan), and made a birthday gift to me of this little sign that hangs under the window. I'm happy every time I putter around out there with my pots and dirt - and he is happy to get my gardening stuff out of the garage. Good things do sometimes come from bad.

Saturday, March 20

Down To Earth Home For Sale

Exclusive listing! Fabulous cozy home with unique features. Solid construction. Totally private location offers an uncommon feeling of security. This down to earth custom design is fully integrated into the terrain. Extensive low maintenance landscaping front and rear has a natural feel. Serenity abounds. Make an offer before it's too late! Our sign may not last much longer!

Kristen found this old realty sign while picking through an estate sale and it just seemed to fit with our root cellar. I used to be involved with real estate advertising, so... the copy came naturally. Sarcastic sense of humor added free of charge.


Thursday, March 11


We are excited to be experiencing an early Spring after struggling through two consecutive record-breaking, nasty winters. (Can you tell that I am NOT into snow and cold?)
So fun to be gathering the pots and seeds to get started on the best summer flowers ever. I think this every year! Maybe I'm a just a garden optimist.

This year I plan to plant more seeds than seedlings in an attempt to recreate some gorgeous flowers I had one season many years ago. Poppies, sweet peas, canterbury bells, balsam, bells of Ireland - all in a riot of color like the English cottage gardens I admire.

Have you heard about growing vegetables in your flower beds? I've seen this done even in large pots - sweet corn and leaf lettuce growing happily with bright annual flowers and it is cute, cute, cute! I'm hoping this will help foil the deer who think my sunflowers and cornstalks belong to them. Stay tuned...