Tuesday, November 3

Scanning for Life Forms...

I just had to show you how cute our granddaughters were on Halloween. Jillian is on the left in the costume (uniform?) that our daughter Jessica made. Maybe you have to have been a Star Trek fan to fully appreciate it, but I thought it was totally irresistible. Jess made it as authentic as possible, not only making a Next Generation era commanders uniform - notice the three pips on the collar - but she also made a mini tricorder out of felt to go with it. You should see the tote bags she makes for us! Next to her is Lily wearing a classic pumpkin costume that her mother wore when she was about the same age (3), Summer dressed as a "flower child" and Gabby looking scary with her glow-in-the-dark fangs and the glittering red cape Linda made for her.


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Sophia's said...

Sure, I gotta get the pics of the girls off your blog instead of you guys emailing them to me :) I have to get a camera!