Wednesday, January 18

A Bedtime Fairy Tale

  Once upon a time, a mommy journeyed to a faraway village to buy an old bed.

  This bed looked wonderfully exciting in the sale ad and the mommy jumped at the chance to own it. The mommy hoped that someday a little girl would feel like a princess when she slept in this bed.

  She excitedly showed the bed to her favorite furniture restorer, Mr. Jon.
“Isn’t this an excellent bed! It is very old and I love all the beautiful carving that it has. It has a couple of ouchies that I might need you to help me fix. What do you think?”

   Mr. Jon looked the bed over carefully, wiggling all the different wood parts to see how strong they were. Oops! Watch out! I don’t think those pieces are supposed to come off!

   Mr. Jon was afraid that this old bed was too badly hurt. But he promised the mommy that he would do his best and see if it could be fixed. Many, many hours went by as he worked on this bed in his workshop. He had to take it apart. He had to put it back together like a puzzle and sometimes he even had to carve new pieces! At long last, the antique bed had a new coat of creamy paint and was ready for a new home.

   The mommy and Mr. & Mrs. Jon took the special bed to many places - it was the center of attention at a home décor store; it went to several very nice vintage shows. Many other mommies loved the amazing bed but somehow it never went home with them.

  The mommy had two little girls of her own, but they already had special beds. Then, oops, the mommy found out that she was going to have another baby girl. Surprise!

  The mommy kept taking the awesome bed to all her shows, but she secretly hoped that maybe it wouldn’t sell and her own little baby girl, Summer, would sleep on it.

  Suddenly the mommy and her three little girls had to move to a faraway kingdom – way over to North Carolina! That settled it – she couldn’t leave the special bed behind.

  So the bed was carefully wrapped and made the long trip in a big truck.

   As time went by, Summer was finally old enough for a big girl bed and the night came when the mommy could snuggle her into the special bed. The mommy told her that Mr. Jon (who was also Summer’s grandpa – Surprise!) had made the beautiful bed just for her. Every night before she closes her little eyes to sleep, Summer whispers, “My Boppa made this bed just for me. I love you, Boppa.”

    And everyone lived happily ever after.


Alisa Lewis said...

That bed is incredible! Gorgeous!

Betty said...

What a sweet story, a beautiful little princess and a very talented dream-maker-come-true!

Welcome to the South!
Betty @ Country Charm

Funky Junk Antique Show said... so sweet and wonderful design of course=)!

BettyJean @ ShabbyTeaParty said...

I hope you publish this precious story in book form for Princess Summer. It's sure to be keepsake she will treasure. Warm Hugs,