Sunday, January 23

Winter Break

Hello, Spokane! Yes, it is back to winterness after our vacation to Disney World in Florida. It was a lovely week with Kristen's family (which includes our three granddaughters) and several days with our son and daughter-in-law who joined us from Atlanta. It really is true - Disney is a great place to create family memories. It was delicious to see the excitement and delight of the little girls when they first glimpsed Mickey Mouse or one of the princesses. Jon, Kristen, and I also soak in the creativeness that is Disney - from their architecture and landscaping, ride designs, to the amazing shop windows.
      It was hard to return to our regular lives and even harder to give up those breakfasts outside in the sunshine!

 Summer got her first haircut and set of Ears, complete with fairy dust.
 Lily Happiness!
 Lily with some special characters.
 Magic Kingdom

              Gabby in Kermit the Frog Ears
   Disney dining plan - yes, desserts like these for lunch! Our bad!

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Funky Junk Antique Show said...

So sweet!!! Love seeing the pictures of your special trip! My parents went with us and two of the boys and my sisters too a couple years back to's all true!!=) Love those cupcakes!! Hope you saved one for me!=)
ps...glad you're back!