Monday, January 31

Can I Blink and Have This Done?

Sarah Richardson is one of my favorite designers!
For one of her television projects, she gutted and redid an old farmhouse in Canada (HGTV series) and I think she is now living in the house with her family. Sarah is great at adding vintage lighting and furniture to her rooms, which fits right in with the work we do at Angel's Attic. Of course I cannot begin to match her remodeling budget or talents, but the minute I saw her master bathroom it became my inspiration for the redo of our main floor bathroom.
Our current bathroom has a big jetted tub, which is rarely used and we need another shower in the house.
We haven't started the project - still in the planning, budgeting stage and beginning to gather the main elements such as tile, fabric, paint. Sarah planned her bathroom around the drapery fabric. Sarah paid $130 a yard for her fabric. Husband says too expensive. I agree. Especially now that I've found something very similar to what she used for a much more affordable price.
Right now I am looking forward to our new bathroom. Not looking forward to the mess along the way. Stay tuned...
Here is the inspiration...

And here is the more down-to-earth designer fabric...

No room for both a shower and a clawfoot tub so there will be some modifications. Plus, we sold the old clawfoot tub that we found on the property - the deer were using it to drink from. Seriously.


Junebug Furniture and Design said...

Oh! My! So Gorgeous! Wish we could redo our master bath this year, but not in the planning stages yet. We look forward to watching your project!


Glad & Cel

Funky Junk Antique Show said...

Love the colors! I laughed when I read this, because I love Sarah too...and so, so wish I could blink and have my whole house done in the way I'm dreaming it can be!!=)