Tuesday, September 20

House Junkie

I confess. I am a house junkie.Some of us love bling, are foodies, seek out the last fashion.
Me, my kickers are shoes, jackets, gardens, traveling to historic places.
But close to the top of the favs are houses (and the decor within).
Been going to home shows, studying and drawing house plans since forever.

Vacations usually include touring a historic mansion somewhere along the way or just seeking out an old neighborhood to stroll through and take pictures. My three kids got used to this and seemed to enjoy the old houses full of family history and architectural features. Daughter Kristen has the sickness, too. Weird genetic house gene.

Kristen's latest adventure was to move her family to Raleigh, North Carolina this summer.  Of course, when looking for a house to buy last spring, she drove around looking for the awesome vintage homes and knew that I would like to see them, too, when we came out to visit. (also trying to entice Jon and I to relocate, too)

In checking out the lovely neighborhoods of Raleigh, I found this little darling...

This house is telling me, "Come on in..."

This French Norman style house was built in 1939 by a couple who had saved for many Depression-era years to build their own home. Annie Laurie found an example of her dream home in a magazine and copied it. They lived in this house for all their remaining years - Annie until she was over 100 years old.

You also know you're addicted when you watch a movie (or buy it and watch it over and over) just to check out the great house. What a dream job to be a set designer for movie houses. And apparently I'm not the only one with this problem. Check out this blog:
Seriously addicting.
It features many, many great movie houses and if you look carefully you'll see how these movie sets actually influence decorating styles and trends.

Remember this little English cutie from "The Holiday"?

Someone else spent some time on their knees painting a harlequin floor
 (besides my husband, that is)...

I think I will call in work for a mental health day and stay in this room all day...

Not a movie house, just a little cottage rental in Australia...
Please send me here for a month.

So, goodbye for now to house heavens and their inspiration. Back to work on new creations to share as Angels Attic joins everyone at Vintage Finds and Handmade Treasures Market, hosted by Unexpected Necessities on November 5.  See you soon.

Thursday, September 1

A New B & A

After a rather lazy junking summer, Jon and I found some good stuff!
It was a fun afternoon digging through an old storage warehouse piled high (and wondering if we were going to dislodge a mouse or something worse. Someone has an irrational fear of snakes and rodents!)

Some of the loot, Before...

We just finished rehabbing the old dresser - the one on the left. Hmmm, always trying to come up with a spiffy new idea. What do you think?

The Afters...

Maybe this would be cute in a foyer or as a bar...

Question - how come a great old piece of furniture always has more "issues" once you drag it home? This charmer has been stabilized, cleaned, and new cedar drawer bottoms added - PLUS the whole new look. It is important to us that we provide a quality product for you. This will be with us at our next sale, coming this Fall. See you soon!