Thursday, September 1

A New B & A

After a rather lazy junking summer, Jon and I found some good stuff!
It was a fun afternoon digging through an old storage warehouse piled high (and wondering if we were going to dislodge a mouse or something worse. Someone has an irrational fear of snakes and rodents!)

Some of the loot, Before...

We just finished rehabbing the old dresser - the one on the left. Hmmm, always trying to come up with a spiffy new idea. What do you think?

The Afters...

Maybe this would be cute in a foyer or as a bar...

Question - how come a great old piece of furniture always has more "issues" once you drag it home? This charmer has been stabilized, cleaned, and new cedar drawer bottoms added - PLUS the whole new look. It is important to us that we provide a quality product for you. This will be with us at our next sale, coming this Fall. See you soon!

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