Saturday, March 12

Little Chair, Little Chair...

What is your past?
Who built you? Who first took you home and made you their own?
Were you a country chair or a city chair?
How long did you languish ruined and forgotten in a barn? A garage? A basement?

Jon and I are always curious about some of the old stuff we find. You know how sometimes when you are shopping or "picking" you see something that you snatch up without hesitation?
A while back, we found this chair and I immediately liked its lines and curves and brought it home.
Then followed 18 months of sitting out in our garage. Waiting. Sorry, Little Chair. Now you are helping me learn some new tricks. Reupholstery. New paint techniques. You are going to be beautiful again!

As you can see, this chair is still a work in progress. But all the nasty fabric and stuffing (along with the 5 million little tack nails!) are gone and its had a good scrubbing. Time for the fun part...
I don't now how wise it is to write a tutorial on something I've never done before, but follow along as I share this project with you. More to come...
Warning! These are not glamour shots.

Sunday, March 6

Ahhh, Nostalgia...

A fun find this weekend...
this vintage children's cookbook.
First edition, 1955.
Practically perfect condition.
(Apparently the original owner didn't use it or this book would look like the shabby little kids cookbook that I loved as a child and is missing its front cover!)
Hmmm,I don't recall looking this put together when I was baking and I'm pretty sure neither one of my brothers wore a tie in the kitchen! 
 How about serving up a delicious grape float? Here's the recipe!

There are many fun old-fashioned recipes that I want to try again but one for "French-fried potatoes" under the Vegetables and Salads tab?  Smile

 I'm not a collector of cookbooks and I don't cook that much anymore, but looking forward to fun in the kitchen with the granddaughters!