Sunday, March 6

Ahhh, Nostalgia...

A fun find this weekend...
this vintage children's cookbook.
First edition, 1955.
Practically perfect condition.
(Apparently the original owner didn't use it or this book would look like the shabby little kids cookbook that I loved as a child and is missing its front cover!)
Hmmm,I don't recall looking this put together when I was baking and I'm pretty sure neither one of my brothers wore a tie in the kitchen! 
 How about serving up a delicious grape float? Here's the recipe!

There are many fun old-fashioned recipes that I want to try again but one for "French-fried potatoes" under the Vegetables and Salads tab?  Smile

 I'm not a collector of cookbooks and I don't cook that much anymore, but looking forward to fun in the kitchen with the granddaughters!

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Funky Junk Antique Show said...

OMGoodness)!!!=) jaw dropped when I saw your picture...I just picked up this very cookbook TODAY for me!! I'd never ever seen one before today, and now TWO!!!-=) Thanks for posting, you made my day...great minds think alike;)!!