Sunday, November 6

Vintage Treasures #2

Here are a few more pictures (see our previous post) from the show we did yesterday. These are some pictures from other vendors. Seeing what other people have created and how they display it is always one of the most fun parts of a show.
We didn't get everybody's names, so if you see your items here, please let us know and we will mention you specifically.

I wish I'd gotten a shot of the inside of this armoire! Adorable little curvy shelves.
Perfect for my little granddaughter, Summer, in her vintage Frenchie bedroom.

This ruffly lamp shade was one of my favorites and I was tempted to make it my own.

I'm giving away my age here, but when I was a child we had little candles like these at each place setting and we lighted them during our family holiday dinners.

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Tattered & Timeless said...

Hi I noticed you left a post on Miss Mustard Seeds blog about the blogger get together. I had the pleasure of hanging out with your daughter Kristen for a good part of the day. She told me of the shows you all did together and how much she misses you. She was such a fun person to be around and I hope we can hang out more- I plan on taking her to Clines - a treasure trove of digging in junk. Her eyes lit up when I told her about it. I hope to get her back into doing some shows.