Sunday, October 3

Pics as promised - sort of

We promised some more pictures from our recent open house. Here are a few:

Unfortunately, we were so busy, we didn't take very many pics, so if you took some, please pass them on!

As an FYI, we have had several people contact us after the show who were interested in buying one of our pieces. Not to be too shameless in our self promotion, but if you see above or saw something at our show that you loved but didn't buy, please contact us. We may still have it, or may be able to make or acquire another one for you.


Meghan said...

i have been scouring the internet for someone who is holding vintage markets of sorts in their homes. i inherited my grandparents house last year and, with it, all of their treasures. i want to have a market at my home next summer but have no idea how one would even go about getting started! if you have any suggestions i would be so thankful for your input!!

my blog is i've written about some of my journey under the labels lost and found, valley view, house tour, and wood butcher (which is where we would have the market).

there is a way to email me on my blog if you have any advice.

i feel almost silly contacting a perfect stranger, but i was so excited to find your blog! and i have so many questions with no one to ask. sorry in advance if this is strange.


Junebug Furniture and Design said...
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Junebug Furniture and Design said...

Hi! Thanks for posting such great photos! Your show looked beautiful, we are so sad that we didn't get to make it this year. We were so far behind with the details for The Mad Hatter! With the Wedding this year, and everything in between it put us a little behind schedule. We will for sure make your show in 2011.
It was fun getting to know you at The Funky Junk Show in Sandpoint, and I LOVE my Blue Boy! See you soon. XO Glad & Celia