Monday, July 12

Another fun show - as a shopper this time!

On Sunday, we risked exposing our sunburns to the 86+ degree heat (see previous post) to visit the Latah Creek Variety Market, as shoppers rather than vendors this time. After completing the Vintage Barn show on Saturday, it was refreshing just to wander aimlessly around digging through other people's treasures. It was especially sweet knowing we wouldn't have to pack up and haul any of it at the end of the day! Here are a few pictures that we took. It is a little embarrassing that we have more and better pictures of this show than of the one we were vendors at, but when we are working a show we seldom have the free time to do the things we would love to do, like taking pictures - and shopping.

The Latah show is hosted by the Latah Partners, along with Chaps/Cake, which is sufficient excuse to attend the show in itself.

We want to especially thank the exceptionally nice ladies at Sisters, who gave precious little straw hats to our granddaughters to shield them from the heat.

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unexpected Necessities said...

It was fun to see you at the show! We will be at Two Women in September. Hope to see you then!