Sunday, December 6

Can't take them anywhere.

So we go out yesterday to get the yearly Santa pictures done with the girls. Silly me, I thought that's all we were doing. Somehow this simple task turns into a multiple hour shopping excursion with several car trips hither and yon. And of course, me as a captive passenger. I shouldn't be surprised. I don't know how may times Linda and I have left the house to make a "quick trip to the grocery", then somehow mysteriously end up spending an hour at Joann's Fabrics. I secretly don't really mind, but I just can't let Linda's evil schemes go unchallenged. So, as we traipse around town with a car full of girls yesterday, I grumble a bit. Linda says I play the curmudgeon to the hilt. Whatever. I'm a man in the midst of a wife, two daughters and five granddaughters. A very privileged and blessed place to be, but also a distinct minority. If I don't complain about being dragged around town shopping or whatever, how will they know that I love them and love being with them - even if we are doing something a tad too testosterone free? I mean, I missed the Gonzaga game for this? So, after receiving my due rebuke for my cumudgeonly ways, I thought of the best retort: REVENGE.

This is Linda, Lily and Gabby getting silly at Uniquely Chic in Spokane. I swear, I can't take them anywhere.


Tuesday, December 1

Turkey Leftovers are Gone...Christmas Tree is Up

Sure, it is easy to say “Don’t let me buy ANY MORE Christmas decorations this year!” as you are in a ninety degree August attic sorting and organizing boxes.

Now its “But Honey, I’ve decorated the tree the same way for the past xxx number of years!”

So it is off to Mels for inspiration and Michaels for supplies. I’m excited about creating a whole new look with simple changes like new ribbon, a glitzy garland, change the dark red satin balls to shiny black ones. An economical Christmas tree makeover!

We crafted some little round mirrors and hung them from black organza ribbon. I'm sure they add sparkle to the tree but next time I will use larger mirrors. I also recycled the dried hydrangea blossoms from a fall centerpiece by spraying them with golden glitter (the result was subtle and natural). They were an easy replacement to the deep red silk hydrangeas from prior years. Angel joined the vignette in her original role as a Christmas Angel.

The little black lanterns were filled with mica snow and flickering battery candle lights. Hmmm, I wonder who I will nominate to turn them off and on once they are on the tree?  [Three guesses... - Jon]

Still to come - decorating the mantle, staircase bannister, chandeliers....then the outdoor lighting and wreaths. My Christmas wish? That we don't get 19 inches of snow overnight a week before Christmas, like last year!!

- Linda