Sunday, December 6

Can't take them anywhere.

So we go out yesterday to get the yearly Santa pictures done with the girls. Silly me, I thought that's all we were doing. Somehow this simple task turns into a multiple hour shopping excursion with several car trips hither and yon. And of course, me as a captive passenger. I shouldn't be surprised. I don't know how may times Linda and I have left the house to make a "quick trip to the grocery", then somehow mysteriously end up spending an hour at Joann's Fabrics. I secretly don't really mind, but I just can't let Linda's evil schemes go unchallenged. So, as we traipse around town with a car full of girls yesterday, I grumble a bit. Linda says I play the curmudgeon to the hilt. Whatever. I'm a man in the midst of a wife, two daughters and five granddaughters. A very privileged and blessed place to be, but also a distinct minority. If I don't complain about being dragged around town shopping or whatever, how will they know that I love them and love being with them - even if we are doing something a tad too testosterone free? I mean, I missed the Gonzaga game for this? So, after receiving my due rebuke for my cumudgeonly ways, I thought of the best retort: REVENGE.

This is Linda, Lily and Gabby getting silly at Uniquely Chic in Spokane. I swear, I can't take them anywhere.


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